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the original one-way lashing manufacturer, offers a wide range of load securing products especially suitable for one-way transport requirements by rail, sea container, flat rack and any other multimodal cargo movements.

One of our customers made it clear:
“Unifixx offers a solution to our problem: our customers are demanding the highest form of safe transport for the lowest cost, without any damages. We therefore choose the UNIFIXX one-way lashing solutions.”


As a producer Unifixx is specialized in the manufacture and sales of one-way lashing, strapping and accessories.

We guarantee quick supplies from stock, yet we also offer flexibility in terms of customized printing and packaging.

Polyester lashings are flexible, very comfortable in use and highly suitable for all weather conditions.
It doesn't rot and excludes corrosion.

The high tenacity yarns offer excellent shock absorption characteristics ensuring a lasting tension force during transport.

Unifixx one-way lashing is quick and easy to use, safe for cargo and staff, hence cost efficient.

Our advantages in short:
  • Certified top-quality

  • Best value for money  → low cost

  • Ideal alternative for steel strapping

  • Quick deliveries directly from our weaving looms

  • Easy and safe to use

  • Maximum protection for valuable cargo

  • Non-corrosive and weather resistant

  • Safe for cargo and staff


Unifixx Training Center

The Unifixx Training Center facilitates the process of gaining and sharing detailed knowledge about the international load securing requirements, based on vast experiences and supported by internationally recognized information systems and organizations such as the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

As such, global Unifixx users may rely on the highest form of expertise throughout our entire group, our partners in distribution and all other parties that are in need of professional service and support in the field of cargo stowage and securing for safe international transport movements on flat racks, in sea containers, by rail or as break-bulk.


Interested in load securing training or project support?

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